I got my start in business running the Providence Journal Bulletin to about two dozen houses in my Rhode Island neighborhood seven days a week. My first company vehicle was a Huffy with coaster brakes and a canvas bag looped around the handlebars. I did have a support team (thanks, mom and dad!) who lent vehicles and time to the distribution side of things on Saturday and Sunday mornings (and on rainy days), but I did all of the accounting myself. Among other things, the job taught me how to track costs and profit, and gave me valuable practice saving.

Even though I moved away from self-employment following this auspicious start, the pendulum swings and I stand before you (well, I type before you) having just quit my teaching job of almost 10 years in June 2016, and ready to make a go at this blogging thing. I’m not doing it full-time, mind you, but I am hoping that it will turn from hobby to income stream and inspire some people along the way.

And through all of the different jobs I’ve had, I’ve always used the saving skills that I learned from running that paper route.

I am lucky enough to have found a partner who shares (and pushes me along!) the road to saving–money, construction materials, food from the waste stream, our zipper lock bags from the waste stream, and a few cars from the scrap heap. These habits–which seem strange in our consumerist culture–have allowed us to save money and the amount of plastic bags we throw out, but they’ve also kept us out of debt. Our practice of buying cheap cars at our local auto auction, for example, has saved us from having to make car payments and from paying top dollar for insurance. It’s also saved us from worrying about scratched paint and has made me a much better mechanic–something I genuinely enjoy now.

I am also inspired and pushed in the right direction by others sharing their thoughts on savings, and I hope you find the content on this blog helpful and inspiring as you work towards your own savings goals.

I’m looking forward to this new digital paper route–it should be much more carbon neutral and take us well beyond the old neighborhood.

Some other things about me:

I believe in the value of travel and almost always love a new (or familiar) destination once I get there. I almost never love the getting there part. I love being at home, too.

I am the grandson of a farmer on one side of my family and the owner of a small asphalt company on the other. I spent some time working in both ventures, and I learned a bunch from these being a part of these businesses.

I find myself using exclamation points more frequently these days, which concerns me.

I’ve travelled to the following countries (South American countries and Italy were visited during an extended backpacking trip from December 2005–April 2007): Greece, England, Ireland, Scotland, France, Belgium, Germany, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Panamá, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Bulgaria, and China.

I cook, eat, compost, raise chickens, and try to keep cars running. I run and do pull-ups, and I have never seen the original Star Wars.

Thanks for stopping by.(!)